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Our History
Grimmel Farms  was purchased in 1908 by John George Grimmel. In 1945, Charles Grimmel, son of John, inherited the farm. At this time, an additional 100 acres was purchased. The next purchase was 90 acres. In 1947, another 80 acres was purchased. In 2013, an adjacent 115 acres was purchased, making the home farm 385 total acres.

The farming operation was carried out by using horses and mules for farm power. In 1940, the first tractor was purchased, a John Deere model B, costing $700. The dairy operation started in 1943 and continued for 43 years. Along with the dairy herd, you could find beef cattle and swine on the farm. The dairy operation was a demanding and confining way of life, milking in the morning and evening, 365 days per year.

In 1960, Charles Edwin Grimmel, Sr., better known as “Bunk,” inherited the farm. In the early days, Grimmel Farms was primarily a dairy farm. In 1987, the farm participated in the buy-out program, selling the dairy cattle and becoming a grain, produce, and beef cattle farm.

In December of 2005, Charles Edwin Grimmel, Jr., better known as “Ed,” purchased the farm from his parents and now farms over 4,000 acres of corn, wheat, soybeans, hay, straw, and produce in Maryland and Pennsylvania. In keeping with the family farm tradition, Ed’s two right-hand men are family. Todd Steiner and John Wunner both started working for Grimmel Farms when they were very young and have

played large roles in the farm’s success. Several long-time family friends make up the additional full-time and seasonal staff at Grimmel Farms.

Ed’s five daughters are all involved in the family farm. Besides helping their Dad with the busy grain operation and produce stand, they own and operate Grimmel Girls Show Cattle. They raise, show, and sell purebred Hereford and Angus cattle, and crossbred club calves; exhibiting in nearly 20 shows throughout the United States each year. To learn more about Grimmel Girls Show Cattle, please visit grimmelgirlsshowcattle.com.

Ed’s daughter Kristen is the Event Coordinator for The Barn at Grimmel Farms, also known as the “Party Barn.” This unique barn was built in 1934, costing $1,600 for materials and $600 for labor. The arch rafter portion of the barn was constructed and adjoined to the original barn in 1956. Approximately 10,000 bales of hay and straw were stored in the barn until the year 2002, when the barn acquired its new name: “The Party Barn.” Several family and friends functions are held in the barn each year, creating fond memories for anyone who steps through the door into this beautiful, character-filled barn. For more information regarding The Barn at Grimmel Farms, please visit thebarnatgrimmelfarms.com.

Ed Grimmel
3859 Federal Hill Road :: Jarrettsville, MD 21084
Ed’s Cell: 443-807-9735
Email: ed@grimmelfarms.com
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